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  • 29 February 2012
    By Fat Ape
    CE Contest II 100 Finalists announcement
      After the CE Contest II sbmission Deadline, we got 402 Submissions from 301 Designers from 74 Countries. Every submissions are awesome. We are appreciate all participants and would like to say thank you so much. Most of the submissions could be in the 100 Finalists. Unfortunately, we only have 100 seats for 100 Finalists Exhibition. We have to tell that the judge panel had their hard time to release all 100.  Now, we want to announce the 100 Final
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  • 28 January 2013
    By Tabunman
    CE ILLUSTRATED KING 1st project
    "CIK" CE ILLUSTRATED KING 1st project Mafia Factory ขอเปิดโอกาสให้ทุกท่านที่มีความสนใจทางด้านการออกแบบภาพประกอบ เข้าร่วมสนุกเพื่อเฟ้นหามุมมองใหม่ๆของผลงานคาแรคเตอร์ CE แบบไม่จำกัดเทคนิ
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  • 27 January 2012
    By Fat Ape
    CE x SINGHA ARSA 7 Designs Project
      SINGHA ARSA is a Networking Charity Project founded by SINGHA Corporation in Thailand :  SINGHA ARSA always has various charity activities such as flooding relief in Thailand several months ago. CE x SINGHA Life is a collaor
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  • 21 January 2012
    By Fat Ape
    CE Contest II Information (Download Files here)
    CE Contest II Submission Deadline will postpone to Feb 20, 2012. Press Release for the project will be on Jan 31, 2012 @ Main Atrium Siam Center Fashion Mall. more info @ CE Planet FB   Download CE Contest II Files here!    
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