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CE (Pronounced as "Zee") is a character & platform toy project created by a Thailand Based Company, Expertise Partner Internatonal (EPI), a project developed and managed by Napat Phromphuruk since 2008

The word "CE" comes from 2 meanings. The first one is purpose to use it as a platform toy which is a canvas for enhance designer's creativity. Meanwhile the other one of the main character in the Thailand Department of Intellectual Property (DIP)'s Comic series project "Creative Kids" and be a mascot for the Project under Thailand Government's Creative Economy, Creative Thailand, policy.

CE is the first platform toy in Thailand which all functions design and produce in Thailand from first sketch to manufacture.

Big Boy CE:
6 feet fiberglass figure
Black Pack CE:
10 inch resin figure (Both not for sell, only for showcase & exhibition only)
Buddy CE:
3.5 inch plastic figure for sell as a DIY and special series in a limited amount

Buddy CE has a "Fully DIY concept" for customized. From the Buddy CE figure itself with removeable and switchable front & back helmet to the papaerback card allow us to create our own "one of a kind" CE toy set easily. While buddy CE can changeable many parts especially the head and the helmet make it ont only good for showcase as an art toy prop, but also fun for play with in mix & match design concept like LEGO toy.

EPI developed a CE design contest project supported by DIP along with their Character & Licensing Expo Asia (CLEA) in 2010. There are 413 CE Designs by 254 Designers from 32 countries submitted for this contest. 100 Designs were chosen by the judge team, made it in Back Pack CE size and exhibit in CLEA2010 and Bangkok Design Festival (BDF) 2010. From these 100 designs, as the finalist designers, the judge picked the last 10 finalists from 5 local designers and 5 international designers, matching in 5 tems for the CE Final Design Battle. All 10 designers had invited to join the CE final Design Battle at CLEA2010. They are:

1. Jon Paul Kaiser (UK) & Anukun Hamala (Thailand) 2. Zam Tattoo (USA) & Akanong Chaiyawong (Thailand) 3. Patricio Oliver (Argentina) & Sian Techakaruha (Thailand) 5. Kenji Chai (Malaysia) & Pharuephon Mukdasanit (Thailand)

They have to design and custom CE toy with beside product & packagin by the theme "Love & Friendship" within two and a half day. The Grand Prize award with 100,000 Thai Baht cash goes to Team Malaysia & Thai at the final.

From these 10 "Love & Friendship" CE designs, EPI produce 10 Big Boy CEs for exhibit in a part of Bangkok Design Festival event from 20-30 November at Centralworld Shopping Mall.

At the BDF event, 40 Thai & International participated designers customized 40 Buddy CEs for mini exhibit. After that, they will be in an BDF auction for charity purpose.

EPI has a plan to release buddy CE for sell in this coming 2011 after they had a test market in CLEA2010 nd BDF2010 under their MAFIA Factory brand, with some related products.