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10 September 2010
By CE Planet Crew

In the year 2010 we released our very first CE Contest. More than 400 CE designs from 254 Designers from 32 countries joined us.

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From all participant, The judge picked 100 designs from 100 designers for the 100 x CE toy exhibition, then picked and invited 5 local artists x 5 international artists to be in the Live CE " product set custom Final Battle at the Battle Forum. They became to 5 finalists teams.

CE 2010 contest 10 finalists

The 5 Teams are:

1. Jon Paul Kaiser (UK) x Anukun Hamala (Thailand)

2. Igor Ventura (Brazil) x Sanya Lertprasertpakorn (Thailand)

3. Kenji Chai (Malaysia) x Pharuephon Mukdasanit (Thailand)

4. Patricio Oliver (Argentina) x Sikan Techakaruha (Thailand)

5. Zam (USA) x Akanong Chaiyawong (Thailand)

At the Final Battle forum. They had to do live custom for a CE toy x one product (they choosed themselves) x a packaging as a product set under the same theme concept " Love & Friendship" within the 3 Battle Days.

argen1uk1usa ce 2010ukargenbrazilall finalist ce 2010allteam won ce 2010ce2010 winner

The Awards winning team for the CE Contest I goes to Team Malaysia & Thai

Pics from all submission designs Press here      

Pics from all 100 choosen designs Press here

Pics from the CE exhibition Press here

Pics from the CE Final Battle Pree here